Seminarian Benjamin Gorewitz

Food for Thought talk

On Confession

Did you miss the Parish Mission? 
You can watch it on YouTube!

First Night: March 6

Second Night: March 7 Part 1

Second Night: March 7 Part 2

Third Night: March 8


Fr. Andrew Nelson’s Mission Challenge:

-Make a list of five concrete things you can do for your parish

-Make a list of five people you can reach out to

-Choose one parishioner, and invite them to a meal. Ask them to tell you their best story of living the life of Faith

-List five things you want to do to grow spiritually this year

-Think about someone who touched you, and helped you to grow in Faith: write a letter to them telling them how s/he affected you

-Ask someone else to recommend spiritual reading to you… and then READ IT


2015 Mission: Fr. Marc Montminy

First Night: Clearing Out the Junk

Second Night: Jesus Doesn’t Ask for Much, He Asks for Everything!

Third Night: If Jesus Is in Your Heart, Please Notify Your Face


Opus Angelorum Mission

Fr. Wolfgang Seitz, ORC
March 17-19, 2014

First Night (Apologies, as the first night, part of the talk was cut off)

Second Night

Third Night